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Conversions/Upgrades Questions & Comments

What is a saddle conversion and what is an up-grade?

A conversion puts Delrin panels onto your current rigid tree saddle. An up-grade puts our Advanced Easy Slide System panels on your current flexible panel saddle.

What saddles can Eldorado Saddle and Tack convert?

Ortho Flex, Timberline, Rocking R, Stubben, McCall, Don West, TexTan, Circle Y, Big Horn, Sugar Creek Saddlery, as well as most Peruvian saddles, and several UK models. We cannot put the flex panels on a flexible tree, Aussie tree, Tex-flex, and any other brands that have a gullet opening of less than 6.75" or those that have a ralide saddle tree. When converting any saddle that does not already have panels, we cut new leather skirts because the formed skirts are not reusable. If it's a saddle with a panel system already on and you just want to upgrade, we can re-use the leather skirts and add the new fleece, neoprene, panels and inserts.

What are the Amera-flex (Eldorado) panels made of and how are they constructed?

The panels used on these saddles and on replacement parts for all flexible-panel saddles, are of Delrin® -from DuPont, milled and assembled in the UNITED STATES! The Delrin panel design is the same computer-designed, multi-layered advanced panel that is so wonderful in providing all of the elements necessary for proper function and fitting on all of the unique and different back shapes of horses and mules. What makes our SYSTEM so unique is the Patent-Pending Easy-Slide mounting of these panels to the saddletree. In 2005, after 26 years of combined experience in repairing, fixing and re-building all brands of Delrin panel saddles, we uncovered the faults in design and in the way the panels were mounted. Some of the problems encountered were panels bottoming out, inflexible panels, thick saddle trees, washers stuck in slots, panels that wouldn’t move or slide, pressure points, worn Delrin, busted rivets, cracked panels, wood screw mountings, mounts that self adjust and improper rigging. We made the necessary corrections in building the Delrin panel saddle. What makes this SYSTEM unique is the "Patent Pending" Easy-Slide mounting of these panels to the saddletree, making these panels virtually maintenance free.

If you have a rigid tree saddle that you love and fits your horse fairly well, you can convert your current saddle or upgrade your panels which will include the dropped center cross adjustable rigging.

We repair almost all makes and all brands of saddles: rigid tree, custom made, flex-tree and flexible panels system saddles. We offer the customer satisfaction guarantee that is the best in the business with fast turn around service guaranteed!

The content below was submitted by one of our customers of saddle conversion:

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Subject: Photo Album from Candy: Here are those photos I promised you...
"Before" and "after" pictures of the McCall TP Ranch Cutter I sent to Cindy & Harold to retrofit with their flexible panels. Looks great...fits BETTER than great.I was kinda skeptical, but it sure sounded good in theory (the "flex panel" concept.) This (the retrofit) was an inexpensive way to TEST that theory & it has turned out to be everything I hoped for and then some..
I was thinking the other night that with all the interest in "air panel" saddles (Schleese, Wintec, etc.) it seems like people are finally "getting it" - that traditional saddles are HARD TO FIT (not to mention expensive). The flex panel system fills a big hole (and a crying need) in saddlery. Hope you sell a bazillion of these and that you have more retrofits than you can handle. That will mean there are a lot more happy horses out there.

"Before" Here's what the saddle looked like new (way before I bought it). You can see that the front rigging is hung pretty far forward - part of the problem.

"Before" - this shows the 2 layers of skirts. The top layer was unchanged.

"Before" The old saddle...sheepskin over a rigid wood tree, no flex. See why the horse would hold his breath when being cinched up?

"After" Here's the saddle after the retrofit. The rigid tree has not been removed, but underneath it have been installed flex panels covered with new skirts. They also replaced the breast collar dees though you can't see them here.

"After" You don't really notice the difference in the rigging... ...until you lift the stirrup fender. To me, this looks like PACKSADDLE rigging. The adjustment can be made in the rear strap. The rigging has been totally replaced with an adjustable rigging so I can movethat ring wherever I want it to suit whatever horse I'm riding. The rigid tree can be raised or lowered slightly to get the seat level depending on how the horse is built.

"After" The bottom layer was removed & replaced with new skirts over the flex panels. The bottom skirts move independently when the horse does. You can see the original (rigid) tree sandwiched between the top & bottom skirts. It looks a little cockeyed because I didn't have it quite centered on the saddle rack. The "new" saddle...the panels MOVE with the horse but the seat DOESN'T since the rigid tree is still intact.
The price & service were GREAT. I'm VERY happy...and Frisco is DELIGHTED.