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Cinches Image

To measure your horse for a cinch, place your saddle on the horse while he's standing on level ground. Tie a piece of string or baling twine to one rigging ring, loop it under the horse's girth, and bring it up to the other ring. Measure that length and subtract 16 inches (round up to the nearest cinch size) and you'll have a good estimate of his correct cinch size. Or measure the girth you are using from buckle to buckle and use that measurement if its a good fit. We can make any size you need. On The English Billets you should make sure you pull through at least 6 inches of billets on both sides.
English Neoprene Girth Image

English Neoprene Girth
Strong, durable, easy care girth

Western Neoprene Girth Image

Western Neoprene Girth
Strong and durable Neoprene Girth

Contoured Leather Girth Image

Contoured Leather Girth
Beautiful, strong and durable

3 Inch Wide Rear Cinch Image

3 Inch Wide Rear Cinch
Beautiful Leather Rear Flank Cinch With 3/4" wide center strap